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Seafood gifts information available by clicking above. Seafood gifts related phrases on include orange ginger scallops, marylands fresh seafood, scallop potatoes recipe, lobster york maine, and wicked good maine lobster sticker bumper. Soon after its opening, our company became known for extremely high quality, fresh fish. Today we supply some of the finest restaurants in Boston and the New England area. Over the years, these relationships have developed into a bond of mutual respect that allows us to grow. With the strong desire to deliver the best seafood, our company has grown dramatically. We also feel service is a major factor to our continued growth. In a time sensitive business, there is no doubt service goes hand in hand with quality. Established in 1979, Fisherman's Fleet, Inc. started as a small family run seafood and fish market in Wayland, Massachusetts. We attribute our success to many factors, but one of the major reasons is our stringent policy to Quality Control. To find out how you or your company can take advantage of fresh seafood please call us at 1-888-SEAFOOD. All our seafood is processed in our federally inspected facilities. We strive to provide top notch service on a consistent basis. Today, Fisherman's Fleet prides itself on its humble beginnings and keeps that same philosophy and tradition. All products are processed and delivered to our accounts within a 6 to 24 hour period to maximize freshness.

Fisherman's Fleet ships overnight the finest seafood available. Their quality is outstanding. Find seafood gifts on with the terms marylands fresh seafood, lobster york maine, wicked good maine lobster sticker bumper, orange ginger scallops, and scallop potatoes recipe.

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